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Regulatory compliance touches all business activities which are in any way subject to statutory control or regulation. It not only affects businesses which deal directly with government by engaging in major projects, but also any business whose scope may be limited or rendered less competitive as a result of new legislation or direct or indirect governmental intervention.

This can cover such areas as freedom of information, planning and environment law, taxation, competition, procurement, data protection, health and safety, telecommunications, advertising, human rights, professional discipline issues and any other area where businesses come into direct contact with government or State bodies.

We advise clients on all types of regulation, including licensing, compliance, investigation and enforcement. Our professional regulatory team provides expert advice and representation in relation to all types of inquiries, court applications, appeals and judicial review proceedings.

Holmes works with Ireland’s leading professional regulators to conduct investigations and inquiries regarding allegations against professionals, ranging from professional misconduct and poor professional performance to health-related matters. We assist our clients in preparing for a wide range of complex investigations, as well as presenting cases, including ones with multiple registrants, allegations spanning several years, and ones dealing with sensitive and vulnerable witnesses.

We help clients deal with investigations and inquiries of any kind, whether statutory or non-statutory, including commissions of investigation and tribunals of inquiry. We provide practical and clear advice to anyone that either must undertake or be subject to an investigation. We advise on all aspects of access to, and disclosure of, information, including freedom of information, access to environmental information, data protection, discovery, privilege, confidentiality, production orders and search warrants.

We provide advice and representation to our clients in relation to court applications, as well as appeals, judicial review, and other proceedings in the Superior Courts.

We also provide sector-relevant training, as well as advice concerning statutory frameworks, interpretation, and governance issues. We ensure that our clients discharge their statutory duties and fulfill their public interest objectives effectively and efficiently.

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