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Building strong and transparent cultures.

We understand the continuous importance and relevance of corporate governance to organisations, working with boards of directors and management to develop deeper understanding of the multi-faceted governance standards and requirements facing Irish companies. We provide a full spectrum of assistance with respect to the statutory responsibilities and obligations of companies, directors, and officers.

We are trusted advisors to Irish led and Irish owned, globally scaling companies and government entities on corporate governance and companies act compliance. Tried and tested approaches can often be the simplest solution, but we thrive on finding innovative solutions to suit the more complex needs of our clients. We help businesses match the priority given to corporate governance by regulators, and articulate what their desired culture is, how to promote that culture and how to measure that success.

As shareholders become more activist, and as environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues become integrated into mainstream private investment, the pressure to change business models and provide sufficient disclosure continues to increase. 

Our Corporate Governance, Sustainability and ESG Advisory Services

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