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Inquiries set up by government into matters of public importance are a key feature of Irish political life. Inquiries will often be highly sensitive and necessitate investigation into government policy and direction. Security issues may also arise. Inquiries will often seek the truth as to what has happened in each case and what recommendations should be made to avoid a repetition of past mistakes.  

We act for clients in the public and private sectors who are called upon to participate in public inquiries. This work includes advising on the remit of an inquiry, investigating a client’s potential exposure to matters that may expose the entity or individuals to criticism, managing the obtaining of evidence and advising on preparation to give evidence at hearings. This includes the giving of evidence to parliamentary select committees and other committees of inquiry. 

We provide a complete service, ranging from provision of relevant IT systems, design of hearing rooms, provision of interviewers, document managers, redactors and the provision of a secretariat to manage the inquiry’s relationship with participants and the public. Our services extend to management of hearings, the design and updating of websites and liaison with the press, public and witnesses.