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Holmes has a strong track record of representing individual directors, senior officers and employees. We also prepare victims of bribery, corruption or fraud for civil and criminal actions to recover assets and punish wrongdoers. 

The legal risks of bribery are significant. Conviction for bribery offences can result in corporations facing huge fines and strike off. Individuals can be imprisoned. In certain instances directors and senior executives can bear personal responsibility for employee conduct. 

We conduct independent investigations into bribery and fraud concerns, gather and forensically examine evidence, interview and take statements from witnesses, attend interviews with our clients, and actively advise on how to best address any given situation. If appropriate, we prepare findings and reports of investigations and make representations to reach negotiated settlements (including non-prosecution agreements and deferred prosecution agreements), and aggressively defend your interests before courts, regulators and other tribunals. 

Whilst helping clients to pre-emptively assess and address bribery and corruption exposure and risk, we develop sensible, practical anti-bribery systems and controls, and provide customized anti-corruption training (both online and in person). We also regularly conduct anti-bribery audits and gap analysis for businesses. 

We advise and assist on decisions of whether to make voluntary disclosures of potential violations under applicable anti-bribery and related laws and, where warranted, on whether to undertake other remedial actions. Our lawyers also prepare and submit such disclosures to regulatory and enforcement authorities. We often work closely with forensic accounting and audit firms on such matters.