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Claims management at Holmes is all about managing and minimising your organisation’s exposure to risk, while protecting your brand, reputation, and commercial relationships.

Your claims portfolio should be managed to reduce overall claim costs. Our proven expertise places risk management and efficiency on equal footing, supported by robust quality and performance controls. By integrating claims management, investigation, fraud, recovery, claim costs negotiation, and litigation services, we can deliver sound, business-based outcomes that meet your commercial goals, helping you avoid litigation where possible and maximise repudiations of third-party claims. With sophisticated supervision controls, a streamlined claims management system and a market leading business intelligence tool, we support you in mitigating risks and reducing claims through trend analysis. We help you maximise recovery opportunities that can be offset against claims spend. Our tailored service delivers strong service legal agreement (SLA) compliance, efficiency, and impressive key performance indicators (KPIs), with built-in audit processes and benchmarking analysis, together with a programme of on-going training and support to help mitigate identified risks.