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When a potentially dominant company investigation takes place, it can be a fraught experience. Internal investigations need to be conducted quickly.

These can include lengthy document review exercises and extensive employee interviews. We will support and protect your interests throughout this process. Market conduct which would ordinarily pose no competition law concerns can be problematic when pursued by companies that have a dominant market position. A business is dominant in a market when it can act, to an appreciable extent, independently of its competitors, customers and consumers. It is not just a matter of having a high market share, it is more a matter of having market power. This means that companies with high degrees of market power do not enjoy the same level of freedom in deciding their pricing, supply and distribution practices. In some limited cases, they may even be required to perform burdensome obligations, such as granting competitors access to their infrastructure or technology. We also assist companies which find themselves threatened or harmed by the abusive conduct of a competitor.