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The implications of COVID-19 on commercial obligations is a cause of major concern for the business community. With many lawyers specialising in dispute resolution we are uniquely positioned to help clients during this unprecedented global pandemic. 

Our objective is to provide strategic advice to clients on how to mitigate the risk of litigation and protect the on-going viability of their business.

The escalating Covid-19 pandemic presents significant challenges for people and business. The risks associated with the crisis are such that adaptations have been swiftly made in a range of areas. This has created pressure and uncertainty in the performance of contracts and commercial relationships more generally. The ongoing crisis has also significantly disrupted the operation of the courts system, but we are working to reduce that impact where possible. It remains to be seen whether the crisis will materially affect other forms of dispute resolution and investigations.

Our litigation and disputes lawyers have been advising clients on Covid-19 related issues for a number of months and we continue to do so remotely in novel and efficient ways. Please contact our litigation and disputes lawyers if you require any COVID-19 related advice.