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Knowledge management and learning and development (L&D) is vital to ensure consistency in employee supports, as well as client service delivery, across multiple offices.

Our dedicated Knowledge Manager, Alice Steen, plans specialist training, funding and supports for the staff’s further education, career and professional development as well as managing knowhow and knowledge supports and initiatives. Alice is a qualified solicitor with 20 years industry experience, along with post graduate qualifications in higher education, teaching and learning, together with being a Lean Black Belt.

Providing our employees with business development supports enables solicitors to make the best of client and prospective client engagement. Our Business Development Manager, Maria Gleeson, supports our professional staff, along with clients. Maria is a qualified solicitor with over 18 years of industry experience, together with having obtained a Masters in Business Administration from UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.

The main facets of our L&D, knowledge management and business development supports include:-

  1. In-house CPD scheme. Our In-House CPD Scheme consists of specialist training delivered onsite for our solicitors in their particular legal fields and other professional development areas such as leadership, management, leadership, IT skills, innovation and soft skills. Leading industry experts provide training, including barristers, engineers, accountants, leaders, solicitors and various other professionals.
  2. Educational Assistance Scheme. Through our education assistance scheme we facilitate and support solicitors and other professional staff to undertake formal study to obtain further qualifications and skill development. Examples include undertaking diplomas, certificates and leadership programmes. The firm assists in funding course fees as well as providing supports such as paid study leave and time to attend courses. The scheme supports and develops the individual in line with their development plan as well as the firm’s strategic focus and commitment to further develop and specialise in key areas of growth. Solicitors obtain further specialism, qualifications and professional development whilst the firm attains higher levels of specialism and more client focused and tailored services.
  3. Planned external training. We have invested in leadership training for over a quarter of our solicitors to date. We chose Ingenium Training and Consultancy to provide this leadership programme in conjunction with the University of Limerick. It provides participants with a rich and practical toolkit in leadership. We also support our solicitors to attend training which supports our business strategy and growth areas.
  4. Culture and systems of internal knowledge sharing.
  5. Online databases, libraries and legal resources.
  6. Research supports.
  7. Design and delivery of knowledge sharing solutions for clients.

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