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Faced with an inspection, a business will need to take immediate steps to ensure that its interests are protected.  It will need to understand the reach of the regulator’s powers and its procedures, the focus of the investigation and take steps to ensure an appropriate level of co-operation with officials. 

Such investigations can be highly disruptive. Moreover, if mishandled, involvement in such investigations can cause significant reputational and commercial liabilities. Failure to comply with legal requirements can lead to administrative, civil or even criminal penalties. 

Our unrivalled experience acting for several regulators, in a variety of sectors, has provided us with a unique insight into the various issues that can arise in a statutory investigation and assists us in providing tailored solutions and advice to clients. 

We also regularly undertake internal investigations advising on the appropriate scope and identifying any systemic weaknesses and potential remedial actions. We assist clients with self-notification issues, responses to supervisory enquiries and investigations by the enforcement division of regulatory bodies, appearing before the various regulatory tribunals, committees and panels when action is taken.   

Our lawyers have extensive experience of managing dawn raids, inspections and investigations.  We advise on both the practical and strategic issues that arise during them and in any subsequent enforcement and / or civil action.  We work with clients to prepare, implement and test dawn raid procedures, to include staff training, with a view to ensuring they respond appropriately during an investigation.