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Holmes’ product liability specialists provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of product liability and product safety law at a national and EU level.

We defend civil claims relating to defective products both domestically and across multiple jurisdictions, pursue recoveries along the supply chain, advise on policy coverage, handle product recalls, and protect reputation, advise on regulatory compliance in relation to labelling, advertise and product launch, conduct judicial review of product regulatory decisions, advise on jurisdiction and choice of law, and handling complex group litigation. We help manufacturers, distributors, retailers, importers, and exporters to meet their compliance obligations, balance risks and to protect their legal position.

We have a clear insight into the issues that producers face in a range of market sectors, including automotive, chemical, construction, electrical, food, medical device, pharmaceutical and retail.

We draw on insurance, regulatory and corporate lawyers to provide a full service offering and we look ahead in each sector to advise on emerging risks.

As a member of the International Lawyers Network, we work as part of a global team providing regulatory and compliance advice for products (including ingredients and pre- and post-market launches), defending tort claims and overseeing product recalls and representing clients in inquiries concerning regulated products. We communicate with the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, the Health Products Regulatory Authority, other regulators, experts and, as necessary, the media during product recalls.

We advise on the availability and scope of cover (product recall, business interruption and legal costs), the form of all necessary notifications and any relevant exclusions and will liaise with insurers / brokers.

The firm combines experience in handling complex litigation with decades of experience in personal injuries litigation. In defending products, our lawyers work with epidemiologists, medical doctors, toxicologists, engineers, and other experts. Ireland has a bifurcated legal profession, so we choose and work with the most suitable barristers (trial lawyers) in handling our clients' cases. Product liability cases may have important reputational, and not just financial, implications for businesses, their employees, and their products.

We also act in environmental and pollution claims.

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