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We work with EL and PL insurers and brokers and are on major insurers’ panels to defend their policyholders against Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) claims.

Our employment law experts deliver informed, practical, and pragmatic advice across the full range of contentious and non-contentious employment issues, from dealing with whistle blowers to handling large scale restructuring. We defend WRC claims and mitigate potential losses, both financial and professional, that can result from these claims. Our specialist lawyers have extensive experience dealing with stress and harassment claims and providing advice to a wide range of clients, including public authorities, schools, universities, and PLCs. We understand that stress claims can be technically complex, document-heavy, and time-consuming. We have extensive experience of both workload and harassment type cases. We work in partnership with brokers, insurers and the insured and are sensitive to their individual concerns. We offer a full range of services, from advice on risk management and drafting policies and procedures through to defending stress claims at trial, where we can point to considerable success. We provide pre-litigation advice and research, employment law advice (including WRC proceedings and compromise agreements), advice on disclosure, causation, identifying and instructing expert witnesses. We work closely with both the insurer and the insured, to keep the best interests of both firmly front of mind, as well as to balance costs and challenging internal relationships.