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Our lawyers are instructed by leading global, Irish and specialist insurers, corporations, health, and public sector bodies and defend the greatest range and volume of catastrophic injury claims in the State.

Serious claims require a specific expertise. Each case is handled according to a bespoke strategy to best protect our clients’ position and drive a fair and timely resolution at an appropriate level of damages. Variations in how future care is determined, aids and adaptations, and how medical inflation is interpreted all affect the insured’s potential exposure. Early clinical investigation and rehabilitation involvement can significantly reduce the overall potential impact and assist the claimant towards recovery. We work collaboratively with you, to offer a complete service, including initial investigations, accident reconstruction, medical relationship management, forensic accountancy, international clients, and PPO management. With the cost of large claims outstripping inflation by a significant margin, more than ever insurers need to be able to control their indemnity spend. Holmes have a proven track record of dealing sensitively with the most complex and catastrophic cases. We encourage regular contact and information exchange, negotiation, ADR, and mediation to create an environment in which early resolution is possible and achievable.