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Unannounced inspections, also known as “dawn raids”, are an important enforcement tool at the disposal of regulators but can cause significant disruption to businesses.

Such actions expose businesses to the risk of significant financial and reputational damage, governmental prosecutions and subsequent private claims that can threaten the existence of the company and the liberty of its employees. Understanding the purpose of unannounced inspections, how they are conducted and the extent of your rights and obligations during an inspection will help you better manage inspections and ensure your interests are protected. We can support you in the following ways:-

  • Response team

Should your business be the subject of a dawn raid, you will need to take immediate steps under extreme pressure to ensure that your interests are protected.

You must make sure that you understand the full extent of the relevant authority’s powers and procedures and will need to make rapid strategic judgments about applying for leniency. We will have a response team dispatched to your premises quickly to manage the dawn raid, provide legal advice and guidance, engage with the inspection team on all issues that arise and ensure your rights are protected.


  • Guidance materials

We can prepare clear and practical guidance materials and a standard operating procedure for your staff so that they understand what is involved and what they should do during a dawn raid.


  • Training

We can provide training for staff on how to handle a dawn raid.


  • Simulation dawn raids

Our simulation dawn raid at your premises will allow you to prepare for an inspection. This is a useful learning experience.


  • Data management and information governance

You can prepare yourselves well in advance for handling requests for access to data through our advice on information governance and data management.


  • Public relations

Together with PR consultants, we can advise on your PR strategy to respond to the situation of if details of the dawn raid and investigation become public.