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We advise on the enforcement of domestic and foreign judgments. Our advice incorporates a review of the judgment secured, a clear explanation of enforcement options, a pragmatic cost / benefit analysis on enforcement within the jurisdiction, tracing, and asset searches, as well as timely enforcement applications in the Irish courts.

Enforcement options include:

  • Instructing court sheriffs to seize and sell assets
  • Publishing notification of judgments in the Register of Judgments
  • Registration of judgment mortgage over relevant property
  • Issuing and progressing instalment proceedings in the District Court.
  • Examining debtors and related persons, such as company directors, as to the whereabouts of assets to help with the execution of judgments
  • Employing enquiry, searching and tracing agents to trace and verify data on debtors and their property
  • Securing garnishee orders
  • Appointing receivers by way of equitable execution
  • Court applications to charge shares held by a debtor
  • Issuing and progressing well charging proceedings in respect of property
  • Bankruptcy
  • Notices to wind up pursuant to the Companies Acts
  • Advising on the enforcement of historic / assigned judgments