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Our corporate governance and compliance team offer clear and practical advice on corporate governance – including designing and implementing policies and formal procedures in accordance with applicable Corporate Governance rules.

Updating these to meet evolving ‘best practice’ standards and reporting to stakeholders on the company’s corporate governance compliance. We advise state bodies, state companies and the public sector on best compliance with the law and guidelines relating to that sector. This comprehensive service offering includes for example, directors’ duties, governance standards, board and sub-committee structures, composition and terms of reference, cyber security, data protection (GDPR) and health and safety. Companies are increasingly aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility and the impact of their activities on stakeholders. Our lawyers are well placed to advise you on corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and initiatives.

Corporate Governance Excellence.

In partnership with Ingenium, a trusted strategic and learning provider, we offer a client specific governance training program to accelerate insights and awareness on internal governance policies, processes, and interventions.

Designed through a focused, accessible, affordable board and executive training program to collectively enhance and sustain governance excellence, this supplementary addition to our offering can help new learning and sustain change. 

Corporate governance is about much more than the best in class suite of legal policies and procedures which we deliver to our clients as standard. A new era of corporate governance requires boards and management teams to pivot strategies at an unprecedented pace to meet stakeholders needs. To fulfil your responsibilities effectively, you must possess qualities such as honesty, integrity, independent decision-making, and objectivity. Knowing how a board works is also essential. Having a seat on a board of directors is a commitment that cannot be taken lightly.  For this reason we have developed a program which includes a root and branch review of corporate governance within your organisation and facilitates remedial actions from both a legal and a cultural perspective.